Why does Zhongshan medal mould need heat treatment

2021-01-11 10:08:16

Mold heat treatment is a key step in medal customization, which directly determines the medal surface quality and mold service life.

The raw materials for medals are now basically made of zinc alloy by die casting. The function of the die is to make the zinc alloy die casting liquid form a mold embryo. We call it die casting die for short. The production efficiency of die-casting die is very high. It can die-casting arts and crafts with disordered shape and clear relief. It is widely used in medals, badges, commemorative medals and other arts and crafts.


What's the difference between the medal made by the heat-treated mold and the medal made by the unheated mold?

1. In appearance, it can reduce the defects on the medal surface and make the surface more lubricated and complete.

2. In shape, the outline and elevation are clearer, and the relief function is better.

3. For the mould, the service life of the mould after heat treatment is very long, and the wear resistance, erosion resistance, deformation and other aspects have been greatly improved.

It should be noted that the heat-treated mold can not be modified. That's why we need to make samples to confirm with customers when we are making medals. If there are any changes, we can further correct them, and then we can make large products through heat treatment. And the sample is generally not good-looking products, the difference is also the mold to do the heat treatment.

Article source: Zhongshan Medal http://www.disandimmevac.com/

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