What are the specific processing technologies of Enamel Badge customization

2021-01-11 10:08:16

Explanation of screen printing: screen printing can directly print a color and a color on the surface of copperplate, rotten plate, enamel or imitation embroidery. For products with three-dimensional radian, there is another pad printing machine that can print with high precision. In this way, small fonts can be clearly displayed in different colors. It can also add resin to products according to customer requirements to maintain color and metal surface and improve product structure together.


The surface of the Enamel Badge is flat (unlike the painted badge, the wire on the surface of the Enamel Badge still feels a little raised on the finger). The thread on the surface of the badge can be coated with gold, silver or other metal colors, and various luminous pigments are filled between the metal wires. The manufacturing process of Enamel Badge is similar to that of Enamel Badge, which is different from the real Enamel Badge. The badge uses different enamel pigments (one is the real enamel pigment, the other is the composition enamel pigment, and the other is the luminous enamel pigment). Exquisite Enamel Badge in badge customization, high-quality and luxurious badge selection. If you want to make exquisite and high-quality badge first, please choose Enamel Badge or even email badge.

Materials for medals: materials for high quality souvenirs. From the current situation of medal production requirements, medal souvenir and stainless steel souvenir can no longer consider customer requirements. Badge customized processing skills: in the nameplate manufacturing industry, what kind of production method and manufacturing process are used to manufacture medals. Medals show their original commemorative value in rich concepts. The content of the medal is accurate: enterprise souvenir medal, civilized unit souvenir medal. Therefore, it is easy to ignore the correct content of the medal when determining the characteristics of the commemorative medal. When making this medal, it is very important to check and verify the contents of the commemorative medal.

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