How to collect Zhongshan medals

2021-01-11 10:08:16

We are not unfamiliar with medals and medals. In the sports meeting held on campus, there are always some athletes who can get their own medals on the platform of the playground. Ordinary students can get several medals in a sports meeting, not to mention for an athlete. However, I think athletes should have had this trouble - too many medals, I don't know how to keep them? Ha ha, let's share some tips on how to keep them.


After all, a medal is a recognition of one's own ability. How can one put it at will? It's not impossible for a cold medal to become an artistic landscape! The key is the method of preservation. Have you chosen the right one?

1. Wall cabinets are used to display medals. Many historical relics in the museum rely on wall cabinets, and medals can do the same.

2. Be able to buy a hanger and hang the medals on it one by one, just like a waterfall. The colorful medals immediately become rich works of art.

3. The photo frame can also be a way to keep the medals. On the one hand, it can prevent the medals from discoloring due to air oxidation; on the other hand, it can be put on the table for viewing.

Article source: Zhongshan Medal

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