Difference between electroplating and electrophoresis of Zhongshan Medal

2021-01-11 10:08:16

A very important process of medal manufacturing is electroplating process, which is to give the medal gold, silver, copper and other colors. Here, electroplating process or electrophoresis process may be used, which are very different not only in appearance but also in operation.

Electroplating coloring is generally to attach a metal film to the medal surface, while electrophoretic coloring is to use electric field to make pigment migrate and deposit on the medal surface, which is the difference in operation.


There are also very obvious differences in appearance. The appearance of electroplated medals can be bright gold and dumb gold, while the color of electrophoretic medals will be relatively dark. On the appearance, ancient gold is swept, and the color that looks older is electrophoretic.

When we choose a medal, we need to determine the appearance color of the medal, because there are different crafts to make it.

Article source: Zhongshan Medal http://www.disandimmevac.com/

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