The Enamel Badge Factory tells you how to color the badge

2021-01-11 10:08:16

The process of making badges to order really needs to be colored by dispensing machine. As long as the corresponding color values are input into the corresponding coordinates, the dispensing machine can be completed automatically, but the machine is a machine after all, and can not color the badge scale. Dispensing machine only part of the end of the large-scale color, and this small-scale color, you need to manually color. The specific operation is as follows:


The dispenser's colored badges go through the operator, and then compare with the template for further manual coloring, such as the clothes buttons of the characters in the Disney badges. If the dispenser has no way to color the small parts, it can manually color them, find the corresponding color, and then use the syringe to fill the color. Although the painting scale is small, it costs a lot of labor. This is also the reason why the more colors, the higher the price.

Article source: Enamel Badge Factory

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