What are the materials for Zhongshan medal making

2021-01-11 10:08:16

The so-called medal, it is a symbol, it can be used to show success, honor symbol. Nowadays, there are many kinds of medals on the market, including paint medal, enamel medal, bite plate medal, printing medal and so on. Different medals make the same, but also have different hardware medal planning pictures, and these different planning pictures together also represent different inner spirit. Although the medal manufacturer is the unit of manufacturing medals, it is not just a medal after coming out of the medal manufacturer. There is no limit to the strength of a medal. Success and honor are the proof of high quality.

The manufacture of metal medals is based on the process of medal making by selecting metal materials such as copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold and silver. In recent years, the value of medal preservation has become more and more prominent, especially the medals and commemorative medals made of metal materials have become the mainstream of medal manufacturing, such as enamel medals and imitation enamel medals, as well as paint medals, and relatively cheap metal medals made of iron. The first choice of medal customization manufacturers is briefly introduced below Features of various materials:


Copper: copper is the metal of choice for medal making. Among them, red copper is used for enamel medal making, while brass and bronze are mainly used for imitation enamel medal and enamel medal making. Copper is a relatively soft metal material. It is used to make metal medals. The metal medals produced are beautiful in appearance and of high quality. Their thickness is generally 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm or 1.8 mm, and the thickness of commemorative medals is generally 3 mm.

Iron: iron is one of our common materials. It is characterized by good hardness and relatively low price. Therefore, the price of Metal Medals made of iron is much cheaper. Moreover, the effect of electroplating or baking paint on the surface of iron medals is very similar to that of copper medals, which also has a better texture. Key chain wholesalers argue that there is a defect in iron metal medals, which is that if they travel by sea for a long time, they are easy to rust. Therefore, we do not advocate foreign customers to choose iron medals.

After the metal medals are made to order, one link is packaging. The common packaging materials are plastic bags, but they can also be packaged with cards. Card packaging can improve the beauty of medals, especially suitable for awards ceremonies and job fairs.

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